College radio classics: The Cure, “Just Like Heaven” (1987)

Hanging out in the offices of WCKS, the student station at Grand Valley State University today. It reminds me of a post last year about being in the WLRA studios 30 years prior, and of a song that got a lot of airplay.

45 Ruminations Per Megabyte


(Above: the 45 “picture sleeve” for “Just Like Heaven”)

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts on college radio – most recently last week’s entry on my first-ever show – that one of the goals of the student station is often to introduce audiences to music that they may not be familiar with.  Some stations take this to an extreme: a few years ago I was drumming up support for the first College Radio Day, and spoke with a student station manager in Michigan who scoffed at my suggestion that Coldplay supported our efforts. “We’d never play anything so… commercial,” she sneered. (“We also can’t figure out why our audience is so… small,” she probably asked later.)  Don’t get me wrong: I like learning about new music.  But in all things, moderation, and my early college shows reflected that.

“You must play two new releases per hour” blared the sign above…

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